Statue of Bill Clinton, Bulevardi and Cathedral Nënë Tereza – Pristina 

The statue in honor of Bill Clinton is located on Pristina’s main thoroughfare, Bill Clinton Boulevard.

It is a 3-meter-high work that was made to thank the former President of the United States of America for his help against the government of the Yugoslav Federation during the Kosovo war.

The Bulevardi Nënë Tereza is the main pedestrian avenue of Pristina and connects the main areas of the city.

The Parliament of Kosovo is located at the beginning together with the statue dedicated to Skanderbeg, the Albanian national hero who in 1400 defended Albania and the West from the advance of the Ottoman Empire.

Inaugurated in September 2017, Mother Teresa Cathedral is the largest Catholic church in Kosovo. Mother Teresa was one of the most important religious figures of the 1900s and was born in Skopje to an Albanian family originally from Kosovo.

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