Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey – London

Buckingham Palace has been the official residence of the British Royal Family since 1837. 

Built in 1703 by the Duke of Buckingham, the building was purchased by King George III in 1762 to be used as a private residence. Since its construction it has been expanded and renovated on various occasions.

In the First World War it remained unharmed, but during the Second World War it was bombed several times, resulting in the destruction in 1940 of the royal chapel.

In the external area of the Palace, the Changing of the Guard takes place every day at 11:30 in the months of May and June while during the rest of the year it takes place every two days always at the same time. In case of rain, very frequent in London, the Changing of the Guard is canceled.

Westminster Abbey, built in Romanesque style, was consecrated in 1065. 

Between 1245 and 1517 it was rebuilt in Gothic style and during the eighteenth century it was enlarged with the construction of the two towers of the main entrance.

Since 1066 all English monarchs have been crowned in Westminster Abbey.

Inside the Abbey there are several tombs and chapels but the most famous are the Lady Chapel with the choir pews of 1512 and the Poets’ Corner with the tombs and mausoleums of great masters of English literature such as Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare.

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