Big Ben, House of Parliament and London Eye – London

Big Ben, the House of Parliament and the London Eye are the symbols of the city of London. 

The most famous clock in the world, called Clock Tower or Elisabeth Tower, is 96 meters high and is the largest clock in all of Great Britain, with its four dials measuring 7.5 meters.

It is the landmark of all Westminster, the name Big Ben does not identify the Clock Tower but the bell of about 14 tons that every 15 minutes rings throughout Westminster.

The old Palace of Westminster was destroyed in 1834 by fire. The new Palace, called The House of Parliament, was rebuilt in neo-Gothic style in 1840 and work lasted until 1860.

As early as 1512 the Palace of Westminster served as the seat of the houses of Parliament known as the House of Lords which examines bills tabled by the House of Commons, and the House of Commons consisting of members of parliament elected by the British people. 

The London Eye is located along the bank of the Thames, opposite the House of Parliament and Big Ben.

Reaching 135 meters, the London Eye is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe. It was designed to be the monument of the new millennium and was inaugurated on 31th December 1999 but was opened to the public only in March 2000.

The London Eye has been the most visited attraction in London in the last 15 years and thanks to its 32 glass capsules in about 30 minutes you have a 360 ° perspective of the whole city.

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