The historic center of the City of San Marino

The historic center of The City of San Marino has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with Mount Titano. 

The most important monuments of the historic center of San Martino are:

  • Palazzo Pubblico,
  • Basilica of San Marino,
  • Cava dei Balestrieri

The Palazzo Pubblico of San Marino is the place where the most important institutional ceremonies of the State are held (also known as the Palazzo del Governo) and inside it are located the main institutional bodies of the Republic. Located where once stood the Domus Magna Comunis, the ‘old Palace’, demolished at the end of the nineteenth century. The new Palace was inaugurated in 1884 by a solemn speech by Giosuè Carducci. Of great interest, in addition to the prestigious internal rooms, are the Clock Tower and the Statue of Liberty located on the square in front (Piazza della Libertà).

The Basilica of San Marino, dedicated to the patron saint of the city and the State stands on the place where once there was a parish church dedicated to San Marino deacon, documented since 530. The church, in a phase of degradation, was demolished and in its place the church was created (1838 the date of completion of the work), which was elevated to a Basilica in 1926.

The Cava dei Balestrieri is a real quarry created since the beginning of 1800 to take the materials necessary for the construction of the Palazzo Pubblico, a symbol of city and republican power. 

Today the site is used for sports activities related to Italian crossbow shooting, a sport widely practiced in the ancient Republic.

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