The hill of crosses – Šiauliai (Lithuania)

The hill of crosses near Šiauliai was the seat of a castle, but the Teutonic knights destroyed it and set it on fire. 

People began erecting crosses on the hill in the mid-1800s in memory of the dead, as a call to health and long years of life. 

The crosses were mounted by pilgrims and people who came here with their prayers and prayers, as well as talented artists and craftsmen. 

Lithuanian art, which to this day has survived the austere Soviet period, is included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage. 

Many attempts were made to destroy and burn the Hill of Crosses, but it survived as a sign of freedom and as a must-see place for pilgrims from all over the world. 

Pope John Paul II prayed on this hill in 1993, later made numerous references to this place in his speeches and donated a crucifix as a gift to Lithuania.

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