Among the emerging tourist destinations, Ljubljana is one of the most popular cities among European tourists, thanks to an important artistic and landscape heritage, but also for its good food and nightlife.

Ljubljana is a city full of tourist attractions but the most important are the Castle and the Cathedral.

Ljubljana Castle is definitely one of the main attractions of the city. The reasons are mainly two: in addition to the immense historical and artistic value of the medieval building, visiting the Ljubljana Castle you can enjoy a unique view of the entire Slovenian capital; the Castle is in fact located on top of the hill within the historic center of the city.

In the Ljubljana Castle are held the main events organized by the institutions of the city. 

The only cathedral in the Slovenian capital, and of course the city’s main place of worship, is the beautiful Cathedral of St. Nicholas, located in Cyril and Methodius Square. The green dome that distinguishes it today, represents the best-known element. Despite the beauty of the dome, what most surprises tourists visiting the Cathedral are the magnificent interior decorations.

First of all, the wonderful frescoes stand out but the four statues of the bishops of Emona are also of considerable artistic value (so, in the Roman period, the current Ljubljana was called).

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