Kij, Šček, Choriv and Libid (Kий, Щек, Хорив, Либідь)

Kij, Shchek and Choriv (Kий, Щек, Хорив) were the three brothers, sometimes mentioned together with his sister Libid (Либідь), who, according to tradition founded the city of Kyiv.

Archaeological excavations have shown that, on the site where Kyiv is currently located, there was an ancient settlement from 500 b.C.

Some believe that Kij was a truly lived figure, but most historians consider the three exclusively as mythological characters.

The legend of Kij, Šček and Choriv and their sister Lybid, in fact, can be interpreted as a personification of geographical places: among the various theories on the origin of their name, the most accredited wants the name of the first to derive from a Turkish term that means “high bank of the river”, a description that indicates the western hilly banks of the Dnieper where the first nucleus of the settlement was located; Shchek and Choriv, according to this theory, represent the present-day Shchekavycia and Chorevycia mountains, located in the center of Kyiv, while Lybid is a tributary of the Dnieper that plays an important role in the panorama of the city.

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