The Towers of San Marino

The towers are the symbol of San Marino, what remains of the ancient defensive system built against the attacks of the Malatesta of Rimini.

The three fortresses dominate the overhang on Mount Titano and are connected to each other by a path called “witches’ pass”. 

The first fortress (Guaita) is the largest and oldest, surrounded by two walls, which enclose the bell tower, a small chapel and the remains of the ancient prisons. 

Proceeding you reach the second tower (Cesta or Fratta), which stands on the highest point of Mount Titano and houses the Museum of ancient weapons. 

The path of the witches finally leads the wayfarer to Montale, the smallest of the three fortresses, characterized by a slender shape, which houses an eight-meter-deep prison that can only be accessed from above.

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