How to get to Mali Lošinj

Starting from Italy first of all you have to get to Trieste and cross the Italy-Slovenia border in the city of Pesek.

Cross Slovenian territory remaining on the E61 road, on the Slovenia-Croatia border always stay on the E61 road (attention toll road) heading south towards the town of Abbazia. 

Continue on the D66 road south towards Brestova 

To reach the island of Lussino you can board the ferry that departs from Brestova on the mainland and lands in Porozina on the island of Cres. Brestova is located on the Adriatic coast 50 km south of Fiume (Fiume), and is easily accessible by car along a very scenic road.

Once you reach Cres Island you go up from Porozina or Merag to the main road and head south on the only road that crosses the whole cres island, until you reach Osor where a revolving bridge allows you to cross the canal that separates Cres from the island of Lussino and continue your journey.

The revolving bridge opens twice a day to allow boats to pass from one side of the islands of Cres and Lussino to another – at 9 am and 5 pm – and remains open until all the boats that have previously “queued” have passed.

A road similar to that which crosses the island of Cres also runs along the island of Lussino along its entire length connecting all its countries.

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