Tallinn – Estonia

Estonia is the northernmost of the Baltic States and gained independence in 1992, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Since May 2004 Estonia has also been part of the European Union.

Today’s Tallinn is a vibrant and modern city of almost 500,000 inhabitants, its port being one of the largest in the Baltic Sea.

Behind the modern glass and steel palaces of the center hides the old town (Vanalinn) with the particular charm of its ancient buildings and the spires of its bell towers.

Tallinn has one of the best preserved medieval historic centers, thanks to a structure dating back to the 11th to the 15th centuries that has remained almost unchanged.

Visiting Tallinn you will discover three different eras, each with its own architectural style:

  • the medieval era of the time of Danish supremacy and the Anseatic league whose most significant examples are the fortifications of the old city.
  • the Soviet era of which the huge prefabricated condominiums remain
  • the Tallinn of the third millennium with glittering glass and steel skyscrapers that are changing the face of the center.

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