Serravalle is a district of Vittorio Veneto in the province of Treviso, Italy.

In 1866 the podestà of Serravalle and nearby Ceneda asked the new Italian government to be able to unite the two cities giving rise to the new city of Vittorio Veneto, in honor of Vittorio Emanuele II King of Italy.

Piazza Marcantonio Flaminio is the result of a valuable sixteenth-century restoration and further nineteenth-century restorations. In particular, its regular shape and the istrian stone flooring stand out.

The square is surrounded by Renaissance-era palaces and is closed to the northwest by the Palazzo della Comunità (or Loggia di Serravalle), an ancient seat of the city government rebuilt between 1462 and 1476, currently hosting the Cenedese Museum, which displays finds from the Roman and medieval eras, podestarili coats of arms and a collection of works of art.

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