The Archaeological Museum and the Stone Bridge

The National Archaeological Museum of Skopje collects many testimonies of the peoples who once inhabited Macedonia and who were the protagonists of its history.

The splendid museum building is located along the Vardar River.

The pure white of its construction makes it brilliant by day and fabulous by night, while a mighty colonnade and domes at the ends of the building make it even more impressive.

Despite the architectural style reminiscent of Roman temples, the museum hides traces of a very remote past. In fact, inside there are sculptures from the prehistoric era and there are numerous works dating back to the time of ancient civilizations.

The Stone Bridge over the Vardar River was built in the first half of the 15th century.  The bridge connects the old and new city and is 215 meters long. In 1905 the pedestrian paths along the river were built and in the last decade of the twentieth century it was completely renovated.

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