Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is the largest and one of the most famous fountains in Rome.

The construction of the present Trevi fountain is thanks to Pope Clement XII who, in 1732, proclaimed a competition in which the major artists of the time participate.

The fountain is divided into a large basin with a large cliff where in the center dominates the statue of Ocean leading the chariot in the shape of a shell, pulled by the angry horse and the placid horse, held back by two tritons.

In the facade, articulated like a triumphal arch, there are two reliefs that allude to the legend of the spring and the history of the aqueduct: on the right, the Virgin indicating the source to the Roman soldiers and, on the left, Agrippa who orders the start construction of the aqueduct.

The name derives from a toponym in use in the area since the mid- twelfth century (Regio Trivii), referring to the confluence of three streets in the square, or from the triple outlet of the water of the original fountain.

It is one of the symbols of the city and is known throughout the world for its many legends. The most famous and ancient one wants that whoever throws a coin, putting his back to the fountain, holding his eyes closed and with his right hand on his left shoulder, will be guaranteed to return to the Eternal City.

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