Burano, the island where the colors of the rainbow shatter

Burano is one of the islands of Venice, famous for its colorful houses and its lace.

Many international magazines have declared Burano among the top 10 most colorfulcities in the world.

The colors of the houses, which today have become the main feature of the island,once served to delimit the properties.

However, there is a legend linked to the colorful character of the island, which tells that it was the fishermen who painted their house in order to recognize it from far away during the long periods of absence due to fishing.

The making of lace is one of the centuries-old activities of the island. The legend tells of a betrothed fisherman who managed toresist the call of the sirens. The queen of the mermaids, impressed by the man’s fidelity, gave him a wedding veil made with sea foam. When the bride wore the veil its beauty was such that all the women of the island, envious of the gift given to her husband by the sirens, tried to imitate it using needle and thread. Thus the traditional lace making began on the island.

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