Bergamo is located in the Lombardy region of Italy and is distinguished from other cities for one of its most particular features: it is in fact physically partitioned (because of the formation of the territory) and chronologically designed into an upper and lower city.

Bergamo Alta (upper city), also known as Sìta Olta, is the oldest urban section of the city, and it is located in a geographically dominant position situated over the other cities, while Bergamo Bassa (lower city) known as Sìta Bàsa, was built over the centuries as an expansion of the first part of town as a commercial area capable of managing commercial development and economic affairs.

Such subdivisions seem to have very ancient origins dating back to the Roman era when the ancient city centre was called Civitas, while the lower part defined as Suburbia.

Despite the fact that most of the attractions can be reached by foot, to get to the Città Alta (upper city) from Bergamo Bassa (lower city) you can use the funicular, which will help you avoid the steep and winding streets allowing you to access the oldest part of this beautiful city.

View of Bergamo Bassa from Bergamo Alta

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